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Originally Posted by tigers747 View Post
OK one more time on that center section. I have not done this because I think chances are you could over pressure that piece but the only way I see to have open canopy correct is to open them and then ease the center section in to place. It is tight in there. With the center section pressed in and then trying to open the front canopy it catches on the center section. Just over all a poor design on AC's part.
Yeah, that makes sense, that's how I would attempt it, anyway. I do prefer the open canopy display without those nearly-impossible-to-fit-in crew. I wonder if filing down the two edges of the middle piece a smidge where they sit onto the fuselage would help—not sure if it has tiny tabs there that fit into slots of the fuselage or not... looks like it might. Would need to snip off those tabs and file the bottom edges down 1/32" or so? Might help. I haven't attempted this yet. Anybody wanna be the guinea pig?
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