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Default Re: Gemini - why no more 1/400 Convair 540s?

Since Aeroclassics has not made a CV-540/ 580 mould, we must rely upon Gemini. Maybe they could correct the nosegear leg.

I agree, Gemini needs to use this mould, sooner rather than later! North Central, Frontier, Republic, Air Ontario, Great Lakes.

The greatest need in 1:400: Reissues of Major Passenger-Carrier 747 Classics: -100/200, -300, and SP, of NG / Aeroclassics / Big Bird Mk. 1 quality. Examples: American; United Blue-Star, Bass; TWA double globe, double stripe; Pan Am delivery; British Airways Negus, Landor; KLM 70's-80's blue top; Air France 70's-80's; Lufthansa 70's-80's; Aer Lingus delivery; Sabena 80's circle-s; Japan Air Lines 70's-80s; All Nippon 70's; and Qantas 70's-80's.
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