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Default Gemini - why no more 1/400 Convair 580s?

Gemini has a lovely 1/400 turbo-prop Convair 580 mould, so why has it only been used twice, when there are so many requests for them? The Allegheny Airlines model is lovely, but then someone made a disasterous decision not to make another in an airline scheme, but do an FAA machine - why??

Where are the Convair 580s of North Central, Republic, American Eagle, Frontier, Aspen, DHL, RCAF etc? So many to do that would sell!!

The missing B.707s still needed to be done in 1/400: Uganda Airlines, Luxair,

DC-8s still needed to be done in 1/400: UAT, Iberia ('80s scheme), Air Ceylon, Air Spain, Seaboard World (-63CF)

Aeroclassics Comets still missing- Dan Air (4 & 4C), United Arab Airlines/Misrair/Egyptair, Kuwait AW, Sudan AW, East African AW, Saudi Royal Flt.

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