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wow a whole new nose cone based on a broken nose probe? why not just glue the nose probe back on? it's tricky and might require a little paint touch up, but still this is not a bad way go to.

im not expert, but i'm guessing theat the nose piece is glued on basically with some superglue variant and the 'careful' way to remove it would be, well, with tiny levers of force taking care not to damage the fuselage piece. however, this is likely to cause damage to the fuselage piece. a better answer therefore is to take a dremel tool and, once you are sure that you have a replcement nose, to simply grind off the unneeded nose. it destoys it, but the separation should be better. as a bonus, you can then also shape the connecting bits a bit for the new nose as hm rf nose joins are often not great.
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