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Originally Posted by tim_1/72 View Post
Tker you're a member of both forums so you can check out that post for what it says. As far as banned individuals stating that their pics are not to be shared in any way shape or form without their consent, there was no such request at least to my knowledge. When I deliberately chose not to share pics/posts of certain banned members, that's strictly on my behalf. I was never asked not to. To your point though, I guess posts with the word Exclusive may kind of imply that, but just for the record I've not come across banned individuals specifically making such requests. I can't speak for anyone else though. Personally for me, I couldn't care less if anyone used my pics but if some people don't want theirs being used without their consent, then that's their business just like it's your business if you don't want yours to be used. I'm not gonna start copyrighting my pics just because some individual copyrighted his. Why not take the moral highground. And also you don't have to view it as a forum vs forum thing. I'm a member of both just like you so I rip the benefits of both places. I got an early access to an exclusive review of Calibre's upcoming F-14s from the other forum, so what's stopping you or any of you from doing the same. Just like there may be threads/pics/any info here that's not present in the other forum or somewhere else, I can go to this site and view it and why shouldn't I. I sometimes even end up in French and Chinese forums. Why limit yourself. There's good and bad to be had in any place.
It seems I may have misunderstood the situation and am happy to withdraw the copyright nonsense - if that is the case... As I hope my phrasing made clear I found it personally distasteful and would rather it were not so; however, the former person to whom we are both referring does have a history of being petty at times and so my confusion may hopefully be forgiven (remember all the double posts when other members posted HM news before him, which was what dragged me into the whole kerfuffle insofar as I was involved? That was just pathetic...)

I am a member there, but whilst I was never banned certain individuals made it pretty clear my presence was not welcome (the self-appointed forum bosses, who not coincidentally have been banned here, “the brothers” as they laughably referred to themselves) and hence I have not been to the site since, being more than happy with the content and discussion here as well as the other excellent resources we all enjoy from the manus themselves and people like HawkOne with HobbyMasterCollector.com and certainly happy enough to not need to go where I am unwelcome.

Anyway, long story short I don’t care about copyright or exclusivity if nobody else is claiming marketing materials as exclusive and would like to thank you for clearing that up
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