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Smile AC1008 Paper Tiger II - DAC exclusive in the zinc

So my copy landed yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. Anyway, without further ado, here are the pictures:

See the missing frame between the canopies? AC have improved the mould and both cockpits now fully open, satisfying the criticisms those of us with extra fat fingers have levelled, as you may see below:

And with its stablemate:

I still used HM pilots as they fir better, while the AC tall chaps are perfect for filling HM A-1H/J cockpits, but that’s just the way I like to roll

As you can see I set her up as a bomb truck, like “Supersonic Gun Kill” as no other F-4 offers the centreline bomb rack option and F-4s flew more missions hauling bombs than as fighters, so it seems apt; however, they full A2A weapons load is included too

I am very pleased indeed with this release, very pleased indeed. I need more shelf space though ha ha...

Now for something I personally find somewhat distasteful, but must be said due to the actions of former people now banned from DAC, my apologies to everyone who is normal and reasonable. I suppose the other forum has its own photos, but - in light of the recent insistence by a certain notorious ex-DAC member who posts there that “their” images not be shared and their copyright be respected I am (despite being loath to do so as it’s pretty petty/sad IMO) going to have to ask that mine also be respected and no images shared without my permission, in case anyone thought of doing so.

Furthermore, shoul I learn they have been shared I shall be forced to contact whichever site has used them’s admin and demand removal, pursuing other recourse if that subsequently proves necessary. Honestly, I can’t believe those guys are still so twisted up about being banned, but whatever.
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