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Default Re: Inflight A 340-300

I am not sure that my Hogan A 340-300 will attract great interest.
I attach a few pictures of my model, I wanted to make close-up pictures, but photos taken with an I-phone don't do justice to the model, too much distortion and it is difficult to form a valid opinion.

I don't remember when this model was released, maybe almost twenty years ago, it was commissioned by Socatec who was very active in those days.
The first A 340 being released was the Lufthansa version made by Herpa, same mold.

The model is basic, no antennae, details almost inexistent and it is true that the passenger windows on the rear fuselage are not correct, but the mold is good and there is nothing really disturbing.

Using the Airbus documents showing the general aircraft dimensions and ground clearances, I confirm that everything is fine, including the vertical fin.
The ground clearances of the real aircraft depend on the weight and the position of the CG.
Again everything is fine, the model is within the limits.
Documents available on request.

To make the story short, it is a A 340-300 and in my opinion, it is still the best.
The modern tampo printing which is now available would make this model near perfect.

Much later Gemini came to the market with a model which is nicely detailed, but …
…the model is too high on its landing gear (ground clearance), something around the nose is disturbing, the wing flex could have been better and the engine nacelles look like barrels.

Too many glaring mistakes, I ignored this model.

I heard that we could expect a revised model from JC Wings, things could be complicated because it seems that the tooling belongs to Gemini.
Still looking for a die cast A 340 able to be at least as good as my snap fit Hogan.

I will never say that I am an expert in A 340 but this aircraft was part of my life for five years and I still remember it very well.
This is the reason why some details of the Inflight mold are disturbing to me.

Jean Pierre.
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