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Default Re: How long is too long, to wait for a model?

Originally Posted by NYCAAer View Post
I ordered the latest version of the Pan Am 707-320B by IF200 so long ago, I can’t remember how long it’s been! Although I much prefer the way Gemini announces its releases, at least I know I’ll get the models from Inflight, eventually.
InFlight's 2013 Pre-Order release of N9667 the 'Polished' AA 747-123 was one of the quickest sellouts I can remember (inside of only a few days after the announcement, if memory serves me right) esp with only 312 copies world wide. Certainly glad I got in on that one, for sure.

I wonder how long GJ's DAL MD-88 Widget will be avail for Pre-Order? If its your 'Holy Grail' are you willing to wait and have to wade through the Trolls on SleezE-Bay to get a copy from HC for twice retail.

I hopped on the Pre-Order for JCW's Boeing House 738MAX N8702Q 5668-1A001 last Dec, due in Jan/17. Cool, not Cool. I finally took delivery this last Aug. almost nine months later. The 1:200 model took the same time it took BCA to obtain FAA Part 25 Type Cert the real 1:1 aircraft.

As much as I hate the wait, Pre-Orders are a necessary evil when it comes to collecting. As a collective consumer, Pre-Orders are sometimes the only way that we can be sure that a copy of the wanted model will be allocated or set aside for us by our favorite retailers. bottom line though is eventually you'll have a copy of the desired model in hand.

I think the number of monthly announcements should maybe get scaled back to a realistic level, so that the mfr's can fulfill their backlog and only announce Pre-Orders what they have capacity to produce.

Why make the announcements just to test the market and and create the illusion that i'll get the instantaneous satisfaction of the FedEx guy pulling up in my driveway in a month from the announced dates if I pick-n-click on the newest releases on my retailers website.

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