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Default Re: How long is too long, to wait for a model?

I don't like the long delay either but I don't buy the licensing excuse. The model manufacturers should already know if they are going to release a licensed version or an unlicensed 'white box' or 'blue box' version when they make the model announcements.

More likely is they are trying to 'scoop' the other manufacturers with a particular livery of new mold by announcing the model long before they actually have the factory capacity to produce it in the hopes of beating the other manufactures to get pre-orders. My bet is they know that potential buyers are much less likely to change a pre-order once it is placed.

I agree the exception here is Gemini. My guess that, by agreement, they use a large amount of the JC Wing's factory capacity and JC Wings uses the extra capacity to release their own models, hence the GJ models arrive on time and the JCW models usually don't.

Inflight used to use the JCW factory and mold for their 777-200 models and their own contracted factory for their 747 models. I think Inflight has just completed their own factory to produce their 777-300ER products. I bet the new A330-200 and A330-300 models come from this factory also, with the goal of shortening times from announcement to delivery, but are caught up in the rush to pre-order madness like everyone else.

And I think we are the ones who are left with long intervals between pre-orders and delivery of the actual model. Not really sure how that is going to change unless the manufacturers lessen the amount of monthly pre-order announcements.

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