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Default Re: How long is too long, to wait for a model?

I am still waiting for my Korean 787 flaps down. I remember I called a retailer about this earlier this year and he told me that pre-orders might come in a few weeks, a few months, or a few years! WHAT GIVES, MANUFACTURERS? My unfortunate position on these pre-orders is that I paid most of them with paypal (Like the Korean 787 flaps down) My fault! Yes, and I learned my lesson. But retailers should not have a paypal option for pre-orders! I paid for something that is probably not forthcoming. This is, therefore, A SCAM THAT IS TO BE REPORTED. Also I pre-ordered a model, again paid with paypal (stupid me, duh), already being sold on ebay but not available from any American retailers. Yes, I am addicted to models but please manufacturers and retailers do not blatantly take advantage of it.
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