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Default How long is too long, to wait for a model?

Every month, we see all our favorite manufacturers announce their releases. It's an exciting time when this occurs!

However, after pre-ordering, how long do we expect we have to wait, until we can get these models in our hands to enjoy?

There are 2 x 1:200 models I have purchased this year that are still yet to arrive.
The JC Wings ANA Pokemon 747 which was announced in June this year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du4aJWEybCY&t=803s)
and the InFlight200 Air New Zealand DC-10 which was also announced earlier this year around the same time.

Last year (or the year before, can't quite remember), I ordered the InFlight200 Egypt Air 777-300ER.
From announcement month, through to actually receiving the item, it was over 6-7 months until I actually had it in my hands!!

In the 4th Issue of Model Airliner Magazine, InFlight200 stated that it takes them up to 6 months for them to produce a model.
This is from choosing the airlines/aircraft, through to the model being made and available to purchase.
So to wait up to another 6 months + after their announcement, it makes me wonder why do we have to wait so long for the models?! Especially for the price that we pay for them!

I understand the manufacturers have to go through licencing and royalties etc. before getting these models released, but come on, 6 months + is definitely far too long to wait in my opinion.
It makes me wonder if it really is worth spending all that money, to have to wait a long time to receive the product I want.

Gemini Jets usually have it pretty good from my experience, They announce the models and around a month later, they are in retailers ready to ship out to customers which is a far more acceptable time frame.

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this??

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