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Default Re: Some Little Aussiejets - Four 717s and a Fokker

Originally Posted by wildpig View Post
I got several 1/400 dragon md-8x in my collection and they are some of my favorites...

too bad there's not really any of these smaller planes available in 1/200 that you can remove the gears... I like to play with mine and not able to remove the gears makes it harder to play with it.

If dragon can make all of their 1/400 with removable gears, it's sad to see that this is not a standard feature on all the 1/200....
Not sure what "play with them" means, but back in the day, my buddy and I made marionette controllers with thick thread which looped around the fuselage, (front and back) and a loop around each wing.

We could fly them to an airport we built and land them that way.
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