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Originally Posted by Shawn507 View Post
Sent the pic to HM to let them know.
i have had a discussion with HM about this.

the olive drab is certainly wrong. they know it and hopefully it will be fixed.

the bigger question is whether the whole livery is wrong-- or, rather, the tamiya kit that they are copying from had it completely wrong. hm is essentaily copying the tamiya kit but got the olive drab wrong.

here's the issue. there's a clear wartime photo which shows a black cowl, black canopy frame, and the black goes all the way back behind the canopy. furthermore, this ac has a red spinner and lip intake. notably, it has NO mission markings on the port fuselage.

now, either the photo (below) shows a different aircraft (unlikely - would BOTH be called "buckeye blitz VI" in that case?) or this is the same aircraft at a different point in time.

two theories on the "different point in time."

if the HM/Tamiya version is earlier, that means that that the mission markings were removed and the flat black was extended to the canopy and beyond.

if the photo version is earlier, then the mission markings were added later (plausible) but the canopy was changed and ... paint removed from behind the canopy? that doesn't seem like something that would happen.

neither version is satisfactory, though clearly at one point paint was applied as the pilots named changed.

i looked through about 20 books and could not find other photos of this aircraft. i dont however have osprey's new "f-51 units of the korean war" if somebody has it maybe you can look? any other photos of this ac would be awesome. maybe even there are some in the tamiya kit instructions?

also: note what may be black piping on the red waist stripe and tail red.

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