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Default Re: What happened while I was gone?!

Welcome back!

Nowadays JC is much bigger, being in charge of all models released under the Herpa, Gemini Jets and (obviously) JC Wings
They have been making lots of new tooling over the last few years in 1:400 (E-jets, new 777, new 787, Cseries, A350) and have recently started making models with flaps down.
Also, they now own the old BigBird400 747 mould, as well as some others like the Witty/AV400 Tristar

A manufacturer called Witty Wings/Apollo showed up and started making 747s using the old BigBird mould, as well as some moulds of their own, they went bankrupt and JC seems to have bought most of their inventory

Hope I cleared some of your doubts, feel free to ask anything else!
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