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Default What happened while I was gone?!

So, just to introduce myself, I have been collecting since 2007. I had consistently collected for about 5 years and sort of fell out of the routine. Right around the time Gemini released the Evergreen 747-400 and Phoenix started to release the narrow bodies (A320s and 737-8s with rolling gears and antenna). I have about 300 models give or take, so I'm no rookie, but it certainly seems like I've missed A LOT. Models now cost about $10 more than they used to. (is the just because the rolling gears and other fixtures?) Gemini appear to finally have started making Lufthansa and JC from what I've read recently is the new standard in innovation and (GASP) accuracy? Those old 777 with the "devil wing flex in a V formation" were really bad. Sorry to seem a little ignorant about all these changes but if anyone could give me a crash course on what's been happening in the hobby that's major I'd really appreciate it.

I used to be somewhat frequent on here for a while. I was the guy who Waffle sent 5 free Skymark models to one his promotions. I sure was mad. Water under the bridge now. Used the have the name Ejohn87 or something I think. Just starting out with a new name. Anyways, thank you in advance for the education!
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