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Default Issues with painting a Hogan

hi guys,

reaching out to all you experts.

I am working on a Hogan MD-11 wanting to convert it into a Finnair. The donor is an EVA MD-11F.

First surprise came when I tried to remove the EVA markings. While they came off with non acetone nail polish remover, also the white color underneath came off. Jean Pierre mentions a similar experience in one of his threads, so this seem to be a general issue.

Now I tried to spray paint it using Tamiya TS 26. Issue now is, that the paint does not stick to the areas where the original white color was removed. I tried to take a picture (attached) however not sure that is shows the issue at hand. The new paint adheres well to the original white paint, though.

Any suggestions on either a new primer or a new spray paint or any other solution?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

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