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Originally Posted by T7_4ever View Post
That's an interesting criteria for the Air Canada birds with the Sky Silver/toothpaste livery. So you only have the AC A321 and bypassed the rest of the AC models with the mint livery? That's a good way to keep the $$$ safe.

I took another approach; all the AC models in diecast with this livery have been released/painted based on how the sky/daylight was looking that particular day or if it was in the maintenance hangar under the flood lights. No deal breaker for me.

I do agree with your 777-200 wish, and it's only a matter of good time that it will eventually be rolled out by JC or Gemini. Cheers! T7
I have the E190 and Q400 also but had to sell the CRJ700, A319 and A330 because they looked horrible next to the earlier releases. I've pointed it out many times to GJ that the color is wrong and they just ended up blocking me on their facebook page.
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