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Default Odds of someone making a WOW Air A321?

Ok, this question is somewhat biased since I just got back from Iceland and flew WOW Air's A321 TF-JOY... But what are the odds of someone making one of these? Any tail number will do...
I think there's a 1:400 model out of the A330.

I ask for my selfish motives of adding to my collection of planes I've flown on. But also, I've noticed there don't seem to be a lot of budget airline models like Spirit, Frontier, Easyjet. I think they made a Ryanair 738, but overall there aren't a lot of budget airlines represented in 1:200. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
Is there a reason for that? Maybe a licensing issue, or people just enjoy collecting traditional carriers instead of low-cost carriers?
Just wondering what people think about that.
Looking for more 1:200 Delta Widgets! 757, 767
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