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The case is now closed. Ironclaw never sent planes. Paypal refunded my money. Overall, it was a waste of my time, and he lost his reputation. Here is the timeline:

10/29/16 (Friday): We agreed that I will purchase CW F-14 for $70, Five other HM planes for $50 each ($50 x 5 = $250) and $30 for the shipping cost. The total amount, $350 was sent by Paypal.

11/3 (Thursday): PM sent regarding the shipping status. Ironclaw promised to send the package on Saturday (11/5)

11/12 (Saturday): Since Ironclaw blocked my PM, communicating with him is now impossible. Paypal case opened for non delivery.

11/23 (Wednesday) Paypal refunded $350. The case is closed.
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