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Originally Posted by j.patroni View Post
Just a thought but perhaps the EU could open the door for the remain crowd to immigrate to the EU country of their choice and give them the same benefits as the migrants while they adjust to their new country ,it would be a win win all the way around when one thinks about it.

Quality post man

Only prob' with that (what you've said) is ~ unlike the Poles, the 'Bremain' crowd have two issues...

The (mostly) "YOUNG" Bremains still rely on 'Mummy & Daddy' handouts....

(whilst they whinge, ***** & whine 'Xenophobe' at ANYONE who dares have a difference of opinion )

Laughably those youthful mugs DON'T appear to understand the word 'D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y'

Plus they're too 'broke-***' (or lazy) to own their own property ~ (stick to being a 'student' eh ? )

Whilst those (few) 'over 35's who wanted 'Bremain' are TOO effing dim to rent their own property out...
(& go live in the former 'Iron Curtain' with the remaining few that DIDN'T cross the 21.5 mile 'English Channel' & settle here)

I am (of course), 'generalising' with a bit of added 'dry' British tongue-in-cheek !

Still, I laughed at & enjoyed what ya wrote Patroni ~ it made for a good chuckle...

Also had to laugh at 'J.P.C's picture post, below..... (Re ; "INFIDELS")

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