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Originally Posted by make.me.laugh View Post
Oi dickhead... what makes ya think that the moderator on here is a chocky muncher..? Tell ya to pull ya head in Mate... You gotta chuck a uey and try again. Fair dinkum, do ya want the old mod bloke back..? The one who fanged ya if ya looked sideways at him? Nah... cause not. Silly Willy got suspended but, the old bloody bastard will be back after a smoko.

So knock it off mate, I'm as Aussie as you are...

To everyone else... this is just the lingo in Straya...

Cheers Lou

"Hello, friend! What leads you to believe that I am a chocolate eater (a Belgian)? Be sensible, friend. You need to turn around and try again. Honest to God, do you want the previous moderator back? The one who would have stabbed you if you looked at him in an unorthodox manner? No, of course not. Willigenburg has only been suspended, he will be back after taking a break to calm himself down."


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