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Hi there,

Please rename this thread the BMW thread.
Not BMW because we also have Wartburgs and Fords here as well as an unshown Toyota but you can rename it car thread

I bought my 353 new in 1976, and having researched a little more, this is the version I owned, with this more old fashioned chrome radiator grill. It cost me around €850 inc tax. Before being wealthy enough to buy a BMW, over several years I owned two Ladas, three Skodas, and of course, the Wartburg.
Neil, I learned something today from you: I never would have thought that the GDR exported the 353 in the UK. Of course I knew there were Ladas and Skodas and even Romanian Dacias because they were selling (or trying to sell them, as for the Dacia) everywhere in Europe, but I have never seen or heard of a Wartburg 353 as a right-side drive vehicle.

The funny thing is that Wartburg was exporting the older model 311 ff. even in the USA - the cabriolet was a pretty well looking car for that time.

Aardvark, Until today, I had not heard of the Holden name. It's part of the GM empire then. I see from some pics on the net, that they have made their own versions of what we see as Opels and Vauxhalls over here.
For me Holden was (and still is) the eternal rival of Ford in "down under". But I guess most Holdens are based on American GM models and not on European Opel/Vauxhall ones.
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