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Hi there,

I grown up looking at the 6-Series (E24) from 1976 to 1989 as one of the most iconic cars ever built. I still plan to buy one of them one day, but it's not easy because the later models are mostly in bad shape and the most older ones (with Karmann-bodywork) had already been scrapped.

As the E32 (1987 7-Series) arrived, it looked for me (10 yr. old Romanian boy) like a starship. We had at that time very few in Bucharest, mostly at embassades, they arrived in lots only after 1990. As for the E31 (1989 8-Series) I didn't really like it at the beginning because it was the replacement for my beloved E24, but now it's a classic.

I know somebody in Freiburg-im-Breisgau who bought an 850i in the early 1990ies and drove it until 2014 or so, for 450.000km and never changed anything except for oil and other fluids, filters, windscreen wipers and brakes. Was really a great car.

I would like to buy an Z1 one day. It was a small Roadster based on the E30 (Neil's car) but with a completely different look and only the 2,5i engine. It was the only car at that time that could run with open doors, as the doors folded into the shell:

It was build only as a limited production model and now you can't find one in a good shape for less then 30.000-40.000€.
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