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Originally Posted by Spooky View Post
And there's a very nice series of Canadian Clunk schemes to choose from... Problem is, but will need to check, not too many countries, other than Canada, used the Avro CF-100. Therefore projected sales could be affected by lack of interested collectors. In addition, as previously mentioned, a new CF-100 mold would need to be created, plus this monster, similar to the Avro Arrow, would require high materials cost, needing a huge chunk of diecast for each piece - the CF-100 was a large aircraft! When I approached William at HM about taking on a CF-100 project, he replied, giving the same reasons stated above. Seems our best bet for a possible "Canuck" release would remain with CWHM. At this point I'm happy CWHM will release a third Arrow and have planted the seed, more than once, for a CF-100 Canuck...
Belgium also used the Clunk
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