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...and continue with uncontrolled EU migration - NO WAY! If this continues, the forecast is that the UK population will be 80 million by 2020. Some people just don't get it - our hospitals and police can't cope, we are running out of room to build houses and unless we leave the EU, there is no way to stop this! The scaremongering about leaving the EU and loss of jobs is crap! New trade deals can be made in 48 hours, and the EU countries will still want to trade with us. With a control on EU migration, means that more jobs will be available for British workers.
Only 7% of the UK is actually built upon. The housing crisis isn't a result of uncontrolled immigration, it's a result of dithering governments for the past 30 odd years that have no coherent housing policy and shackling councils with the whole right to buy scheme which means there's a severe shortage of social housing. No matter how conservative leaning you are, there will always be a need for social housing and selling it off all the time just creates this huge waiting list problem.

The NHS crisis is again not a result of immigration, but mismanagement and the failure of previous governments to actually stick to a plan of modernisation. In fact the NHS is reliant on immigration to help fill vacant positions due to previous governments inability to entice and train new UK born staff due to the poor wages and working conditions/hours. Those EU immigrants that come here to work actually pay tax and national insurance, so contribute to the running of the NHS, so fair play that they get to use it.

New trade deals may be sought, but no one on either side has a clue how it'll come about and what the short or long term prospects are. The whole we can be like Norway and Switzerland argument negates to take into account that they have to abide by certain EU regulations, immigration being one of them.

The whole UK jobs for UK people thing has been disproved so many times. We have neither the skill base nor the required amount of graduates to fill a lot of skilled jobs in this country, mainly again to the barriers put up to those from poorer backgrounds to access higher education. As to unskilled jobs, the amount of times I've heard this, yet it wasn't the case before EU immigration. I didn't see a clamour of people seeking out these poorly paid, anti-social jobs before, so why would it be any different out of the EU?
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