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Originally Posted by HoRad View Post

. That's exactly what the Swiss people thought as they voted "no" for a free trade zone with the EU back in 1992 and they are still crying today about it.

Europe can live without the UK much better then the UK without Europe. And if you think than getting out of the EU will stop immigration, you're definitly wrong. Your borders are like sponge - everybody can pass them without being inquired, and this won't change in a day.
Really, the EU’s record on winning free trade deals is underwhelming but there are solid examples of non-EU states flourishing. Nearby non-EU states such as Norway and Switzerland have more free trade agreements in force. Switzerland in particular has excelled at closing agreements with the world’s largest economies, including Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and China. How does that compare with the EU’s 50 trade agreements? Well, most of those are with minor players. Mexico and South Africa are the highlights, but Andorra, the Faeroe Islands and Lebanon are more typical EU deals.

The pro-EU response to Switzerland is to deny the Swiss deals are balanced. It is claimed that the Swiss are always at a disadvantage, that they fail to win real market access or investment rights. This is a bizarre claim since far more Swiss deals cut barriers to services trade, a UK priority, than do EU agreements.

As for the immigration issue, yes we can't close our borders in a day and no one expects that to happen, but staying in the EU will not solve the issue period, which will only get worse. Once we take back control, we can start to do something about it.

The EU is scared about Britain leaving them as it will make the other countries think about doing it.....and several of the EU countries already wish they could leave!

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