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Originally Posted by eugenevh View Post
@LH_B747-430 and @MMARCH and @Big_Al,

Don't you three come spoil the circle**** going on in this thread about the evil of the EU with your non-isolationist propaganda and fears of impending disaster should Britain leave the EU.

You spoil the general consensus that the EU is lost and Britain will be dragged down with it into the pits of hell should it remain part. :P

On a realistic note however, I am glad that DA.C is not populated just by ignorant, bigoted collectors and that some sanity prevails in world views. There is a small, but very vocal minority on these forums who has some "weird" world-views to say the least.

No country can be isolationist in modern times. I find it odd that such views are even considered by rational minded people. But perhaps therein lies the rub.

People tend to speak out of emotional feelings and not by careful analysis of what the consequences would be of subjects such as "Brexit"and across the pond the "Make 'Murica great again by closing the borders" brigade.
First of all you shouldn't be so intolerant and accept a different opinion, which is called discussion.. I don't spread propaganda, that is my opinion and i wrote statements of airline related people, because this forum might have a small focus on the industry. Britain will lose a lot of advantages when it quits and it will be more isolated - that's what a Brexit is about, isn't it!? Why should a then non-EU Easyjet have the right to fly intra-EU routes? It can't becasue the EU laws will not allow U2 to do so.. Can you explain the advantages of a Brexit for e.g. the aviation industry of UK to me please? I think you overestimate the importance for the EU needing UK after a Brexit. The signal or the commitment to the EU will be way more important to the EU states than including UK with advantages again, which wouldn't make any sense. There will be disadvantages for the EU when UK leaves as well, but they will be significantly smaller. I, as a German would like them to stay as I think the EU was the right answer after WWII and integration of the European nation will make us all better. Setting up new borders to mainland EU is not the right answer to me. There is no doubt that the EU has its faults, but i'd rather see a reformed EU than an irreversible disintegration. That's my 2 cents, not propaganda.. If your pro Brexit, good for you and even more - i couldn't care less..

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