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Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
I'd rarther not take part in this Conservative party power struggle, played out as some sort of campaign in the public's interest. But as a UK citizen, therefore I must. As a Scot, the last thing on my mind is handing more power over to a bunch of self facilitating Eton old boys who haven't the faintest f*cking idea how society works outwith the stock broker belt, and subscribe to some empirical notion we can go it alone. Also as a Scot I voted 'Yes' in the recent independence referendum, with a view to being an independent country within EU governance, not Westminister. If Brexit succeeds, I can only see the wealth of the nation further concentrating within the M25 and the regions left to wither. Particularly in agricultural areas where EU subsidies will simply not be replaced, despite what the former mayor of London tells us. If anything I suspect a better outcome at the next Scottish Indie refefendum, and as for 'Project UK' well god bless her and all who sail in her... ��
The Financial services around M25 are going to be hammered if BREXIT passes. I work an affilate financial services division of a large French Group based that's in London (Company is French but my divisions HQ is in the UK).

Quite simply: the financial traders in London are in a panic about it.

For us, BREXIT is a disaster. If BREXIT passes we would lose access to the single European markets (as the German FM confirmed last week) which is the core of our business and would likely mean that my company would be forced to move its operations back to France (something that would make the French Government very happy).

Its so serious, that I have actively started looking for new employment as if my division is folded back into the main group in France I could likely lose my job as I wont be needed anymore. I have job interviews throughout the week.

If BREXIT passes the biggest cheer won't be from the "leave" side, it will be from the French agricultural Unions whom have been fighting the importation of UK Meat into France for decades.

I could go on about how terrible an idea this is, but I'll just work myself up, but I'll leave it with this. If BREXIT passes everyone will suffer...and no-one worse than the UK.
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