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Originally Posted by Charlie Alpha View Post
Ok, lets end this scam and these endless discussions for good. The engine is no longer the interesting thing, at least to me. Where the images came from now is more interesting

Here is a link Tonka's Photobucket. If you want a look, you will clearly see the diagram I was asking about showing a 164" across the top of the fan cowl is there. 164"=13.6666', almost EXACTLY the 13.7' I have quoted from the start, and was berated for endlessly. Don't worry if it disappears (they did for me already). I'll post the chart as an attachment at the bottom.

Here's the link to the .

ScreenHunter_04 May. 16 14.44_zpseagpmrn9.jpg Photo by stivaskam | Photobucket

The really interesting thing is the picture in Tonka's post (shown directly below and originally in his 2nd post above) didn't come from Tonka's Photobucket, it came from Marcus', although you will find the exact same diagram in Tonka's bucket also (right click on the original pic and see the page source info.). There has been a rumor in Hong Kong for quite some that Marcus was posting under one or several different names on this forum including 'Tonka', although I don't have direct knowledge of whether this is true or not. This connection has been mentioned before by some very esteemed members of this forum. But there does seem to be some measure of collaboration between the 2 names in any case even if they are, in fact, 2 different people. There are also supposed to be other members here with 'special arrangement' that support JCW models and disparage others as a matter of course. I guess for 'advertising'?

So here's the full diagram below. Although there is another placard on top of it, you can see the measurement of 164" across the top (if it comes out big enough to read). If not, it is page 4-2-1 of the Ground Handling Manual. The fan disk, which I was supposed to be confusing with the cowl diameter doesn't have a dimension. So the chart was, in fact, relevant and available.

Just though you guys deserved to know, not that it really matters. It was more about the engine shape than size for me anyway. Doesn't seem to really matter any more now anyway. All this for a model airplane. Geez.
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