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Default re: Posts by the same person? Using several different member names??

I know this thread is (intentionally by some) degenerating into more nonsense, but there is a serious side to all of this too.

Do you all remember the excellent monthly ARD photo spreads that most of us liked so much? If you are a new member you may not know what I'm talking about, but a previously active member would make a monthly visit to ARD and photograph many (most?)of the models of all brands and post the pics of them on this forum as a service to members so they know what ALL brands looked like before they bought them. This kind of ridicule, and primarily derogatory posts by the subject of this post caused him to decide it wasn't worth the efforts anymore, and we lost some great information and pictures. It was a great loss to this forum, and many members were upset at the time. He was accused of being a representative for Inflight too, as well as being ridiculed and insulted by the subject of this post. Sound familiar to anyone who remembers?

I've often wondered if this is where the whole Inflight vs. JCW started, because one of the owners of ARD was also a partial owner of Inflight, and this was right around the time Tonka started posting. Maybe that was an attempt to 'level the playing field'. I have my own ideas about this which will keep private for the moment. Just curious is all. In any case, I don't loose any sleep thinking about it.

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