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Default re: Posts by the same person? Using several different member names??

Originally Posted by eugenevh View Post
Charlie Alpha,

I don't have an opinion about Inflight vs JC per se. I am a proud "panic buyer"(TM) when it comes to models fitting my criteria. All the models I have, I consider great models. Even though they might not be a 100% scaled down version of the real thing. My tiny brain can identify a B707 from a B727. Sacriledge, I know. But to each his own.

Back to this topic. I don't know photobucket.
But is it not possible that one user might 'link' to a publicly available photo album?
Also, could it not be possible that someone 'copies' a photo from another user and then add it to their own photo-bucket? Thus two differrent users might have the same photo? Especially if they are friends and share such stuff with each other?

Also, don't think that a lot of views means that people are interested. I know of a lot of people who have publicly stated that they only visit DAC to stir the pot and to view 'combustible' threads. Which this one and any other 777 thread seems to devolve into.

What I do find to be annoying is that people start these flame wars on threads where users posts their newly aquired models. Which they wanted to share with fellow collectors. Only to have it pointed out to them how utterly crap 'this' or 'that' aspect of their model is. Why do collectors like pissing on the parade of another collector. It is bad form.
This is one reason why I will not post any pictures of any of my collection on DAC.

I visit to see if something interesting pops up. There are some interesting threads, but saldy, mostly the threads on DAC seem to be a waste of time to read.

You must also understand that when people are set in their ways that it is extremely difficult and very unlikely that they will shift in opinion. Bias.

I am afraid that you are fighting a losing battle and the sad part is that even if your information is 100% correct and factual, the whole debate has been done to death and people will classify you with the others. It is just human nature.

I love collecting my model toys of aircraft which have meaning for me in one way or another.

Keep collecting. And "buy what you want, and like what you buy"

I think you are exactly right and I couldn't have said it better myself. Even the 'T' word is fine with me!!!

All of this back and forth, constant attack and fighting has been draining for everyone, myself included. I think it is time for us, or particularly me, to get back the joy of showing and enjoying models. And as you said, enjoying the models that we do buy. My feelings got really hurt when I posted pictures of my first Inflight KLM 777-300ERs, only to have the model shredded, and when someone suggested that I must have lost my mind to like them I got mad instead of blowing it off. Unfortunately my response resulted in going on a 6 month war path. Not good for anyone, particularly me. Just realized that recently.

And fortunately I was able to retire early with plenty of free time and am blessed with a very easy life right now. I'm not really worried about the 'name thing', just thought it was interesting is all.

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