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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

When I went to post this graphic, I couldn't copy it so I looks at the source information and traced it back to the Photobucket where it came from. It wasn't associated with Tonka's Photobucket e-mail address, but I did recognize the email address where it came from. I recognized it from previous emails and previous replies. It was there along with many of the other graphics and pictures that Tonka has posted. Within 5 minutes of accessing the Photobucket account, ALL of the recent pics that Tonka has posted disappeared for me from all of his posts on this forum since last December.

I'm not going to mention anyone because most would recognize the name, but I really think it would be better for everyone if we both just dropped this whole 'comparison' thing right now for a whole bunch of reasons.

right now

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