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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Okay already.

So show the rest of the chart, not that it really matters, and the size issue will be a dead one.

You are the one that brought up the engine size. I don't really care. I just said you ought to check the size if you are making a new engine mold since the current 14.1' engine size is based on an extrapolation. You decided to turn it into a whole thread. The engine size is your hot button, not mine. 0.2cm or even 0.5cm in 1/200 scale difference doesn't make enough difference for you to make such a big deal about it. And the shape of the engine and slant is my 'hot button', but it REALLY isn't worth making this a big deal about that either.

It is your thread and your idea to have a SPECIAL THREAD to discuss just the engine. What exactly did you expect to happen? What did any of you who took the time to post think was going to happen here? This thread wasn't the one of you're best ideas. How well did the 'IF vs. JCW popularity survey' idea work? Not that well obviously. I'll do my best to stop this idiocy. So I guess we can expect you to stop making snide comments on every Inflight 777-300ER thread also? You know you really did start this 'war' when you started bashing the first Inflight 777-300ER pics that were posted here? You know what will work? EVERUONE just letting people post pictures without turning it into a debate every single time. You are AT LEAST as guilty as I am of that. But I think it is time to bury the hatchet and for BOTH of us to quit being so stupid and annoying.

I never knew I had SO much power to destroy everyone's life (believe me, this statement is about as sarcastic as you can get). The unfortunate thing is, despite all of the nasty comments directed at the 'other brand' by you guys, I continue to enjoy my models. I think maybe you all should do the same. The comments in this thread don't exactly scream respect for other members. Ok, tongue in cheek part over. I understand what everyone is saying. You don't want to hear the same comments every time. I get that. I'll do my best to do that. Hopefully EVERYONE else will do the same. But I doubt it.

So on a lighter note, what happened to all of the charts and pics? Just curious.

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