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Originally Posted by Charlie Alpha View Post

Information available from multiple other sources including GE's own website:
GE-90-115B1 dimensions
Fan Diameter=128" (11.25')
Overall diameter=135" (11.25')
With Fan Cowling=11.96" or 97% of the fuselage diameter of a 737*
(* direct quote from GE)
How do you explain this statement in light of a 737 12.25' published fuselage diameter?
I don't think I need to explain this again, everyone can clearly see 166.48"=13.87' from my image which is no doubt bigger than a 737 at 12.25'. But I almost sure they compared the GE-90-70 ENGINE only(not -115). Also see my answer about ENGINE below.

I must say that in GE or their website, their term of ENGINE is only the propulsive parts, which is much smaller and belong to Chapter 72 of the Maintenance Manual, I think you got the wrong sizes at the very first beginning because you messed up with 'Power Plant' which is Chapter 71 of the Maintenance Manual.

For GE, their Engine is like this:

For collectors, an Engine should like this, you can see the different in size:

Again, none of the technical personnel will use Google/Youtube or any online source for their task which is naive and prohibited by any air safety regulation, please always refer to appropriate manual.

Any other questions. Still waiting for a document that shows a 14.1' engine diameter, not that it really matters. That measurement can be exactly accurate without the the model or the engine being a good one. Like I said in the last post that everyone group tackled me on, the JCW 777-300ER model is pretty good, but as long as they are modifying it anyway (V3 engines), this would be a good time to make it great upgrades and sweep the market.
I already mentioned that none of the publication can show the max. dia of the engine, you have to work it out by calculation.
166.46" is the fan case diameter, engine diameter=fan case diameter+2 fan cowls, if you clever enough, you can understand the diameter of engine will be 14.1' if you add the thickness of fan cowl on each side.

Originally Posted by Charlie Alpha View Post
Getting back on topic,

Hey Tonka,
There is a very simple answer to the debate going on in this thread. Just show this whole chart so it includes the dimension listed for the '?' and quote page # so it is checkable. It looks like this number would even include the cowling bracket at the top of the engine too. Not really sure why the chart is cut off here. Not really sure why you said the 14.1' number was an extrapolation either. It looks like you have it right here in this chart. The original chart is bigger than what is shown because I can see a partial emblem on the right border, and the measurement lines extending to the top.

That certainly would finally answer my question the actual size of the engine.
GE originally designed the overall 135" engine diameter (11.25') to fit inside a 747F with a modified cargo door. This became unnecessary when the 747 'Dreamlifter' was produced and a copy was retained for Boeing factory use. Your charts show a standard 747F cargo door size, not the factory one. The 747 Dreamlifter is used to transport all large parts to the Boeing factory, including engines, wing and fuselage sections.
"?" is the dia of the fan module, just too large for the screen,I used this image to show the engine can't fit the 747, that's why only one dimension is good enough, I don't need a full image.
When talking about transport of an engine, we always refer as RFI=Ready For Installation or QEC=Quick Engine Change, if you mean can break it down into numerous pieces, a 737 is okay.

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