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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

The bottom line is Tonka's 14.1:" engine diameter is, by his own admission, an EXTRAPOLATION of the data that you see here, and not supported by any other published source that he has shown, and is contradicted by all the other sources. The actual diameter of the GE-90-115B1 engine, as mounted on the 777-300ER isn't even published in Boeing's own Ground Handling Manual. The 14.1' engine diameter is an extrapolation. I would like to see his supporting document for that number, and then I promise to permanently shut up about engine size. The slightly off engine shape is another matter. I have several Boeing and airline documents that are proprietary, and are in a non-reproducible format for publication, including the pilot's version of the Boeing Ground Handling Manual. I'm not really sure that anyone should be publishing proprietary airline maintenance or aircraft documents when you come right down to it.

But you guys need to get real too. EVERY single Inflight 777-300ER mold thread, and particularly my KLM 777-300ER pic threads, were heavily trolled by a number of you too, particularly you know who. And the same for Phoenix/Eagle pic threads. That should stop also. When I do start a separate thread about the subject the usual 5 or 6 JCW fanatics rate the thread '1Star' and spend their posts making nasty personal comments instead of posting something with any relevance to model aircraft. I at least try to limit my comments to Marcus' announcement threads, unless Tonka posts some news or nasty comment in a pic thread first.

It is REALLY simple. I'll stop when you all stop. Until then, I'll post when and where I want. And if you're annoyed, just move on. No one has a gun to your heads to force you to read anything that you don't want to, at least not here. I'll limit my comments to Marcus' 'new model' posts unless you or the other 'you know who' starts the comments first, as usually happens. In all fairness, Tonka usually does start it recently, but I guess that doesn't matter because he is saying thing you guys want to hear.

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