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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by SgtMoody View Post
Great info Tonka, however the resident forum troll will never face up to it. I pity all the 77W owners who post their newest arrivals only to be trolled by him, good grief.
And another 'great' comment from other resident trolls on this forum. Even when there IS a separate thread to discuss the JCW engine mold (LIKE THIS ONE), THIS is what happens. You guys are too much, and by too much I mean not really enough to matter at all..

Never start a comment your self, but you sure jump right on the pile when someone else does. the worst of group sociopathic behavior. This actually applies to a few comments above. And 'pile' is just about the right term for what is going on here..

Look back at ANY of my IF KLM threads and tell me it isn't mutual. I just think you guys don't like anyone criticizing your precious little JCW models.

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