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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by 777-300ER View Post
I did actually read your post and while it is correct that you criticize Inflights model from time to time you only start bashing on JC threads. You also don't repeat your IF critic as often as you do JCs. Why don't you just let it rest or use separate threads instead of hijacking every JC/GJ 777 thread? I think everybody on this forum knows your point already. While I really appreciate the work you put into this in order to get the most correct model possible it's just annoying to read the same thing over and over again.
Point taken, I've stopped posting pics of any Inflight models also, for the same reason. Talk about the legions of Hell descending on those Inflight 777-300ER threads. But it is always different for THOSE threads I suppose. They never hear any negative comments about the constant 'I'll wait for the JCW model' or 'ugly nose gear', or 'ugly nose with no constructive criticism attached. Or 'Phonix models look like a toy'. You other guys should stop being such hypocrites and practice a small portion of what you are preaching. But when Tonka started talking about a new JCW GE-90-115B1 mold, like he did in the "New Arrival Photos: JCW Etihad A346 and 773' thread, the window of opportunity for customer comment opens again for feedback. Not to press a point, but this IS a thread about the GE-90 engine, not me.

And the engine clearance problem is an ongoing problem for JCW 787s mentioned by many others too. That 'fix' should involve more than just landing gear. Tonka also mentioned a 'fix' for the 777-300ER clearance problem which looks like more than just landing gear, which I wanted to comment on because I think the issue involves the engine size too.

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