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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by 777-300ER View Post
There is literally no 777-300ER thread where you don't post your opinion that IF 777'is the best there is. Even if it's just another member posting pictures of their newest arrivals. With those post at some point you will stop people from posting their new models since they don't want their newest purchases to get criticized by someone. Also while TONKA always supplies technical drawings or copies of manuals to support his arguments you just post numbers that you found who knows where. This is no critical review of a model anymore but just pure bashing of JCs 777.
If you bothered to check, I've criticized Inflight's 777-300ER too, mainly for engine pylons and landing gear. I also said the IF nose shape is better, but neither model is prefect. Again, you should actually read the posts before you make inaccurate statements. And in case you missed it, JCW is supposed to be making a 1/200 V# of their engine and Tonka has hinted at a 'different scale' 777-300ER. This seems like a GREAT time for input from CUSTOMERS. The low ground clearance and engine slant on JCW 777s and 787s has been an issue for
awhile now. . Nothing new there.

It is strange how no other source other than Tonka's maintenance 'manual' support the numbers he is presenting.

For more info, see here:
GE90 Commercial Aircraft Engine | Boeing 777 | GE Aviation

Aerospaceweb.org | Ask Us - Boeing 777 Engine Size


Some Unbelievable Statistics About The GE Engine On The Boeing 777 - Business Insider




Boeing 737 Detailed Technical Data

Any other questions. Still waiting for a document that shows a 14.1' engine diameter, not that it really matters. That measurement can be exactly accurate without the the model or the engine being a good one. Like I said in the last post that everyone group tackled me on, the JCW 777-300ER model is pretty good, but as long as they are modifying it anyway (V3 engines), this would be a good time to make it great upgrades and sweep the market.

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