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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by BON AIRE View Post
OK, that's fine CA. Nice to know you and thanks for ruining MY pleasure to visit these forums everyday since 2004 before I became a member 2 years later.

I was reading your comments for over a year now, hoping it will stop someday. But no never.
SHUT UP was meant for the years of annoyance to ME by you. I am very mature btw.

So that's it for me to chip in and showing my displeasure to your posts, especially lately.

Bye, bye Charlie Alpha. Enjoy your Inflights and remember to keep collecting
Finally a post that makes some sense. What doesn't make any sense is someone who keeps reading things that annoy them. You are always freed to move on to another post on this forum at any time.

If you really do allow someone to ruin your 'pleasure' for 2 years instead of just moving on, there are bigger issues than my posts. Just saying.

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