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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by TONKA View Post
Member Charlie Alpha keep provide the wrong information about the GE-90-115 size and hijacking all threads regarding 777, I already gave all the proofs to show the mistakes he made, CA, please reply here because you are annoying all other members now.
Please read the data below, only AN-124/225/Belfast/C-5 and Supper Guppy can put the -115 inside as one single piece(RFI configuration)but NOT the B747 which has door dia. 123 X 134 inches only, GE-90-115B has dia of 168"

GE originally designed the overall 135" engine diameter (11.25') to fit inside a 747F with a modified cargo door. This became unnecessary when the 747 'Dreamlifter' was produced and a copy was retained for Boeing factory use. Your charts show a standard 747F cargo door size, not the factory one. The 747 Dreamlifter is used to transport all large parts to the Boeing factory, including engines, wing and fuselage sections.

Information available from multiple other sources including GE's own website:
GE-90-115B1 dimensions
Fan Diameter=128" (11.25')
Overall diameter=135" (11.25')
With Fan Cowling=11.96" or 97% of the fuselage diameter of a 737*
(* direct quote from GE)
How do you explain this statement in light of a 737 12.25' published fuselage diameter?
You don't need numbers to see that the engine is off. Just look at pics of the real aircraft. No slant and SMALLER engine overall. So if the engine is perfect, what is the new V3 all about?

Just because Inflight's model is wrong doesn't make JCW's model right. It isn't a case of one or the other. It is a light switch, and it isn't black and white for those of you who can actually grasp that concept. Inflight has it's own problems to deal with, which I have also pointed out if anyone bothered to read any other posts.

And your 177" (14.75') figure (I said 14.1') from cowl hinge point to floor DOES include the transport dolly, just like I mentioned before.

Above that, I don't really cart. I have more JCW 777-300ER models by far than I do Inflight. The JCW 'coven' can rant and attempt to sensor all they want. JCW can produce any model that they want, accurate or not. I'll buy the ones that I want and leave the rest, just like the rest of you.

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