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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by BON AIRE View Post
Someone is ruining these forums with these endless false discussions about stupid Inflight ****.

I consider that JC is better, so deal with it..
How very mature. And this has what to do with model aircraft? As always, all are free to move on to another thread if members don't like my posts. It is really strange how some members hate comments about JCW's 777-300ER, yet all flock (and FLOCK is the right word) to a post that is SPECIFICALLY discussing exactly that. And not likely that I will 'shut up'. I'll post when ever and where ever I feel like, so deal with that.

And most of my posts on this forum have nothing to do with JCW 777=300ERs, but the ones that do have had an effect. JCW is doing a V3 GE-90 and is going to be revising the 777 and 787 landing gear due to feedback on this forum.

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