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Default Re: CA GE-90-115B1 dimensions discussion

Originally Posted by BON AIRE View Post
Yes Charlie Alpha is so annoying regarding the B77W threads. He just likes Inflights that's all and nobody will convince him. I wish he would stop it and just buy all the inferior and expensive Inflights and J-focks and leave the JC Wings for others to buy.
I actually have more Gemini and JCW models in my collection, and if you and if you can actually read and understand English before making such stupid statements, you would know better if you even bothered to read any of my previous posts in the A340/777 thread. They were all about improving the JCW model and never even mentioned Inflight. I can only assume you were in such a hurry to disparage another member, that you didn't even bother to check the facts. The discussion here should be centered on models, not other members. But if you don't have anything intelligent to add about models, I suppose this is the natural result.This post has been reported to the moderators as being in violation of forum rules.

JC Wings B77W mould is miles ahead of every other mould out there, that is a fact !
Now this would be an OPINION, not a fact. JCW is good, let's see if the V3 engines make it better. Hopefully it includes a reworked nose too, which is currently not very good. JCW's current QC is also not very good, with the broken stabilizer issue on the A340-600 and the mis-applied paint on the recent ANZ All Blacks and 777-300 'House Colors. Not exactly top of the line. But still, JCW does have a history of listening to customers and upgrading their models, which is good because I think you can realistically expect upgrades for the other 2 manufacturers. The current quality issued don't support the claim of being 'miles ahead'.

TONKA, thanks for efforts in 1/200 scale forum, much appreciated.
Some of the information provided by JCW is good, but some of it is manipulated. You frequently see unreleased prototype and prototype pics pics used in comparison threads along with actual production models withoput identifying which is which. Occasionally, the posts can be deceptive too, and sometimes models are promised that never materialize. I realize this one member doesn't necessarily speak for JCW, and has never identified his connection with JCW.

So here is my reply to your rather pointless and nasty little post. I may post more about Tonka's 'numbers' here or in the other thread. I doubt if the real concern is other members 'annoyance'. I think the real issue is protecting his own design and work at all costs. I definitely think it is annoying HIM though.
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