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Originally Posted by Charlie Alpha View Post
Unfortunately there is not another single piece of documentation that supports your claim or your 'document', including GE's own website.

One of the main problems is General Electric doesn't make the fan cowl, Boeing does. The engines are shipped from General Electric via a 747F in a transport cradle and Boeing fabricates the cowling in their factory. And 166.46" is around 13.8', not 14.1'. And you yourself have pointed out there is just a 1" difference in fan diameters and fan cowl diameters between the -90 and the -115B1 engines. the number I've always heard is 13'7", but even GE's own website doesn't have anything to support that number.

Not interested in a separate thread. I just think your information is wrong or 'doctored'. I would just hope JCW doesn't make the same mistakes again on the GE-90 V3 mold.
Member Charlie Alpha keep provide the wrong information about the GE-90-115 size and hijacking all threads regarding 777, I already gave all the proofs to show the mistakes he made, CA, please reply here because you are annoying all other members now.
Please read the data below, only AN-124/225/Belfast/C-5 and Supper Guppy can put the -115 inside as one single piece(RFI configuration)but NOT the B747 which has door dia. 123 X 134 inches only, GE-90-115B has dia of 168"

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