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Originally Posted by Blues Boy View Post
Colors and it's various intricacies in formulating, usage, and presentation has many tentacles....Here is information on Scale Effect:

Color Scale Effects in Modeling

With color...it's subjectivism from many considerations could go on and on. Where does it end? I suppose in the end, you either like or dislike what ends up being shipped to you.

Blues Boy
Sure, scale effect is something to consider but as you say this is subjective to the person viewing the models. To rule out any discussion I would say: stick to the FS numbers. That way you get what was painted onto the 1/1 scale aircraft (provided the paint made for the model was correct).

It will look like the jet came straight from the paint shop and I personally am fine with that.

When I built plastic kits I always used either Revell or Humbrol paint and stuck to the FS numbers. Sure, dark gun metal grey on an F-16 looked darker in 1/48 than on the jets I saw flying from Dutch airfields, but that was before I learned about weathering and applying washes.

All in all I still think they looked very realistic. Even if according to the scale effect they were a tad too dark.
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