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Default Re: The week from Hell

They say things happen in threes, so let's hope that's the end of it for you. Get all the bad stuff done and out of the way in one week!!

Not too bad of a week for me. An older root canal was retreated last year and the infection has returned. After numerous attempts at medicating the tooth and subsequent failures, the dentist has suggested I either 1) extract the tooth and do nothing; or 2) extract the tooth and have an implant installed. Ugh. lol.

Next week will be pretty exciting, though. Early last year, I was assaulted from behind while walking home from watching a football game. I was pushed to the ground by two males and they fled. The resulting fall broke out my seven upper teeth. My dentist was able to save one of the teeth and put a crown on it. The others are being replaced by two bridges affixed to four implant posts. I won't go into details about that procedure, but will say I'm finally getting the two bridges next Thursday. I plan to have a small celebration that night with friends. Taking off April 1. Not looking forward to paying for all of this, though.
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