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..... As for the computer thing, don't buy one off the shelf. You end up with a lot of BS you either didn't want or will ever use. Find reputable local computer shop that can custom design and build a new one to your specifications. Just the hardware you want, just the software you need. A good builder can make you a machine that will fit you to a T and quite probably cost less than anything off the shelf. I've had my last three PCs custom built and two of them are still working just fine (I keep the XP machine to run those programs I really like the Win7+ won't run at all).
..... Best thing of all, if you have a problem it's local call to the builder. Not a long-distance, wait on hold for hours and end up talking to a guy named Bob who is probably in Mumbai. Then you can drive drive your machine to his shop for repair (that is, once you've got that damaged vehicle of your's repaired first).
..... I get the same, if not better, warranty as the name brands.
..... You're getting plenty of advise on the car. I'm sure there's enough lawyers North of the border more than willing to take someone to court for you.
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