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Originally Posted by Rockybudgeboa View Post
Been one hell of a week for me.

Computer totally died, A dear friend got me a new one at Costco with a three year warranty.

On Saturday, our neighbour was having someone check his roof, that person dropped his ladder on our 1998 Toyota. $2,800 worth of damage. He admitted to the damage and was willing to pay for the repairs since we did not want to go through the Insurance. Got two quotes and now he is freaking out he cannot afford the quotes. Called Insurance and they said if we do not get it fixed within a month, they will cancel our policy. If we proceed with a Comprehensive claim (Fire, Damage and Theft) coverage, they will write off the car. Told this to the guy and he is not cooperating. Might have to initiate Small Claims Court case.

Hubby was told he has chronic neck problems on top of his Sciatica.

And how was your week, everyone???

You do realize that the roofer must have insurance and dropping a ladder causing damage is definitely part of his coverage. What kind of insurance company do you have? No insurance company has the right to threaten a policy holder to "repair or have policy cancelled".
What kind of damage does your car have that they want to write off the car?
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