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Default Re: JC Wings United 777

got my UL B777 over the weekend. Wanted to post some comparison pics with the GJ UL A319 and the Herpa UL B747. It seems to me that the GJ A319 grey has faded pretty strongly (or was it this light from the beginning?).

Also the front gear assembly looks a bit strange to me. It cannot be fully inserted (the gear doors sort of stick out), however the plane still sits perfectly level and has the same height as the GJ UL B777. Has anybody encountered a similar front gear?

Mainly for our member Charlie Alpha I have included a nose to nose comparison (look pretty much the same for me) and a comparison between the old and the new engine (difference seems to be the pylon and the exhaust).

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JC Wings United 777-dsc09343.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09346.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09347.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09348.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09350.jpg  

JC Wings United 777-dsc09351.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09353.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09354.jpg   JC Wings United 777-dsc09355.jpg  
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