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Originally Posted by travsuz View Post
The 777-300 was the one updated, not the -200. And on the -300 it was only the engine that was changed...not the fuselage.
Yup. Know all that. The -200 and -300 use different molds (duh). The -200 mold looks good, but the -300 (which only had the engines and landing gear updated) uses the old -300 fuselage mold with a nose and cockpit area that DOES NOT look anywhere as good as the nose and cockpit printing on the -200 mold. And THAT specifically is the problem.

I think JCW should have completed the job on the -300ER mold revision and used the nose and cockpit window printing of the -200, which is much better IMHO. Compare the nose and cockpit areas of the two molds (there are plenty of threads on the -300ER) and you will see what I mean.
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