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I just checked my 1/400 version and sure enough no black paint under the front window. Not sure how I missed this. Still a good looking model.

** late edit. I went back to see if I could find any info/pics without the black. I couldn't. Even the computer generated video they released long before they took control of any planes had the black under the windshield.

In the pic in this article the plane arrived with the black paint as well. This picture was taken shortly after the first 767 landed in Calgary I believe - painted and cabin ready. They also live streamed this on Periscope. (Delivery landing and the day after a tour of the cabin). You can find the cabin tour on YouTube. Filmed Ina. Hangar and can see the black as well.

See the delivery article here. http://worldairlinenews.com/2015/08/...th-a-new-logo/

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